Surgical Treatment of Migraine

According to our classic knowledge about migraine, it is a neurological disease and it has not been known that migraine can be treated with surgical methods till the recent past. Moreover, most of the patients whose lives were paralyzed due to migraine attacks got relieved with medication to a certain extent, and lived suffering from this for a lifetime. The surgical method in migraine treatment was discovered by Prof. Dr. Bahman GUYURON, one of the most well-known plastic surgeon in America. Dr. Guyuron observed that patients undergoing endoscopic facial lift surgeries got rid of migraine aches after the operation and realized that during this operation he released Trigeminal nerve branches which secretes sense of pain of face from the pressure of muscle surrounding not so consciously during this operation and so prevent them from being jammed and stimulated. He achieved 90% success by improving the technique within years and with retrospective studies. Migraine surgery has been applied worldwide in a limited number of centre only by Prof.Dr.Bahman Guyurons students. This technique in our clinic is being applied by Dr.Guyurons student, Op. Dr. Abdülkadir GÖKSEL

Can everyone with migraine benefit from surgery??

Primarily among our patients diagnosed with migraine by neurologists, the ones with peripheral migraine whose attacks are triggered at forehead, temporal region, nasal root or  nucha may benefit from surgical treatment when positive responses are obtained from examination and tests. All of these four regions or one of them can be treated with surgical method separately.

What kind of a test is given before migraine surgery?

Migraine treatment is essentially  based on decompression of trigeminal nerve branches. Botox injections are given in order to test if migraine will go away or not after the surgery, and muscle groups in this location are loosened and it is observed for 3 months if migraine has been eliminated or not. Following Botox injections, the ones having a relief with migraine are the best candidates for the surgical treatment.

Does Botox which is applied for wrinkles also help migraine?

Botox injections given during migraine treatment are more different than botox used in treatment for wrinkles. While applying 2-4unit botox on a region for wrinkles, botox ten times of this proportion is injected in deeper muscle groups in migraine treatment.

How is the operation performed?

Migraine surgery is performed with endoscopic face lift operation technique. Nerve branches on forehead and temporal sides are loosened with endoscope going through hairy skin.

(See Mid-Face Rejuvenation Operations) In case an impairment that stimulates nerve branch inside nose is detected, for example deviation or concha bullosa, this will also be eliminated with nose surgery in the same session. (See Functional Rhinoplasty) Muscles surrounding cervical nerve branches at nucha are loosened and nerves stimulating pain get relieved.

Recovery Process

Migraine surgeries are performed aiming the regions stimulating the pain. Situations such as the number of regions surgery is performed on and if rhinoplasty is performed or not impact the recovery period. Recovery period is approximately 10 days in forehead and temporal sides surgeries performed through endoscopic face lift techniques. When all procedures are performed at the same time, then recovery period may last 10-15 days.

I helped many patients in pain by giving them treatment whole my career life. I have never collected as many œthanks from my patients with migraine as all other patients in pain till now..

Op. Dr. Abdülkadir GÖKSEL