A new age in rhinoplasty, Diamond Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty operations are of the most frequent ones among all other plastic surgeries worldwide. As it affects facial expression and beauty to a great extent, a well-performed nose job is of great importance in terms of both health and aesthetics. Since these operations have been performed by breaking the nose bone for years, there appeared some side effects such as severe swelling, bruising, etc. in post-operative period. Also,  while breaking the bones and during bone union, there appeared unwanted, uncontrolled healing and formation of bones in wrong position.

Progress of technology in health field initiated a new age in rhinoplasty. It is now possible to shape hard tissues such as bones without breaking them and work on fine details thanks to piezosurgery operating with high-frequency vibrations. We use diamondrhinoplasty technique, developed by Dr. Oliver Gerbault from Paris, which can form bone skeleton of nose with a diamond end yielding more secure and foreseeable results in our nose job operations routinely. In this technique, any severe bruising does not occur apart from a mild swelling in post-operative period if the patient does not have a type of skin or disease which causes bruising and swelling.

I believe this technique, developed by Dr. Gerbault, who is a member of International Rhinoplasty Research Society like me, will expand worldwide rapidly and change the route of all nose job operations.

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