Deviation Surgeries

What is Deviation?

This situation which is called simply “deviationâ in public occurs when the structure which consists of bone and cartilage comprising the middle wall of our nose is curved in a way that it will clog the airway. In fact, deviation means curvature, so we define this disease as curvature of mid-wall of nose, in other words, Nasal Septum Deviation.

What are the complaints that septum deviation causes?

1. Nose congestion
2. Headache
3. Snoring and exhaustion
4. Difficulty in smelling
5. Dehydration and incrustation of nose
6. Nasal bleeding
7. Halitosis, especially more distinct in the mornings
8. Frequent sinusitis attacks and post-nasal drainage
9. Nasal deformation

In which cases is deviation operation necessary?

Septum deviation is a situation frequently encountered in public. If the fact the mid-wall of nose is curved to one side does not cause any health problems, then that does not necessitate correction through an operation all the time. Deviations which cause nasal congestion and so affect a person’s daily life and quality of sleep must be corrected through an operation.

Details about deviation operation

Deviation operations take approximately 40 minutes or one hours and can be performed under local or general anaesthesia. We prefer to perform those operations under general anaesthesia since it allows the opportunity to work in comfort and also for comfort of the patient. There is frequently no need for hospital stay after the operation and the patient can go back home same day. We use techniques which do not require classic tampon application in deviation operations we perform, and insert silicone splints in order to hinder attachment and relieve inhalation. You can easily go back to your daily life on the 5th day after the 3rd day-control following the operation.

As long as there is no plastic surgery intervention in the operation, there will occur no bruising and swelling in face. No pain will occur after deviation operation.

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