What is Snore Lift?

Snorelift is a minimal invasive procedure which is used in treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. Snore lift is a method that we can define as soft palate elevator which can be applied under local anaesthesia within 8 minutes on average.

Compared to other surgical  procedures, it has some primary pros: it is reversible in terms of complications and patients have fewer pains after the intervention.

How does it affect?

It affects in two ways; Firstly, it opens the respiratory tract by elevating the soft palate thanks to the elevation material made of polypropylene inserted in the soft palate and eliminates sleep apnea. Secondly, it stiffens the loose tissue causing snoring in the soft palate and eliminates snoring.

How long has it been used?

Snorelift has been used essentially in Germany, and also in other European countries and America for over 2 years. It is also such a pride that the technique belongs to a Turkish Doctor (Dr. Bülent Uğurlu) working in German army in the name of Turkey.

How is Snorelift applied?

Snorelift is frequently applied under local anaesthesia and no pain occurs during the procedure. Patients can go back home within half an hour after the application. Simply an elevation material made of polypropylene is inserted in the soft palate, which fortunately both elevates soft palate and stiffens the loose tissue of the soft palate.

Will it be painful after Snorelift?

It may be painful when you swallow for 4-5 days after the procedure but still less painful compared to ssurgical methods. Painkillers help patients have an easy and comfortable recovery period.

IS any incision made on tissues in Snorelift technique?

No incision is made on tissues in Snorelift method and for that reason recovery period takes shorter.

Does Snorelift have a permanent effect?

Even if elevation material which has been inserted is removed, the effect will be permanent thanks to recovered tissue.