Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

Although some peoples noses are not bigger or longer according to their faces, the nose seems spoilt or curved strikingly due to just a small hump or asymmetry between the left and right sides.  Surely, these minor deformities can be corrected through operations permanently. However, considering that it takes longer to recover and the operation put additional burden on the patient, it is also possible to eliminate those deformed parts of the nose with appropriate filling and botox options. In fact, what is performed at this point is totally a camouflage.

Studies on photos before the filling application inform us about how the result will completely seem  at the end. In case the skin of the nose is highly thin and for allergic patients who have a very sensitive skin type, these applications should be avoided.

We do not use permanent filler as filling material. Permanent fillers are ill-advised because they cannot be removed back in case of formation of allergic reaction. We have been using original Botox, which belongs to Allergan Company and Hyaluronic Acid which is approved as the golden standard all around the world and whose tissue compatibility is highly good in our clinic.

The effect of non-surgical rhinoplasty operations lasts nearly 8-12 months. As long as the application is repeated, the effect lasts longer and becomes permanent in time.

We also prevent the patient from suffering during the injection by putting anaesthetic cream on the skin before the application.

It is well known that Botox is a medication used in medicine field for a long time. Since it is also possible to perform botox application for wrinkles on face during this application, not only the shape of a nose is corrected but also it allows a younger appearance. In addition, it is also possible to eliminate deep shadings in nose cheek lines with botox in the same session.

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