While making your decision for an operation

Nearly half of our patients on whom we perform operations for prominent ear consist of children. It is easier for an adult to make a decision about himself than a decision for a child. Ear is an organ which both has function of hearing and contribute to our facial expression and appearance. However, neither prominent ear affects function of hearing nor hearing is influenced during and after the operation. An experienced surgeon in this field will detect from which part of the cartilage this deformity stems evaluating detailed examination and photos and scheme operation plan considering those. Prominent ear surgery is highly satisfying and recovery period is more comfortable than what society supposes. Our clinic especially has an over-standard experince in terms of facial plastic surgery and our physicians will inform you about this when you come to our clinic to negotiate.

What is this Operation?

Prominent ear operation can be performed under both general anaesthesia and local anaesthesia. We observe young children are more comfortable under general anaesthesia. The operation takes 1-1.5 hours on average. You can stay under observation for a few hours after the operation and go back home. Since incisions behind ear help correction, there will be no visible scar after the operation.

Pre-Operative Period

You need to share your expectations in details with your physician and listen tto his/her information about the operation carefully before the surgery. As in all pre-operative periods, stop taking Aspirin and similar pills that might increase bleeding one week before the operation. smoking and alcohol intake both cause risk anaesthetically and affect the healing of scar adversely. If you have any symptoms of sore throat, high temperature, exhaustion before the operation, definitely let your physician know about this. It will be appropriate to bring front buttoning and comfortable clothes  with you to the hospital. You will feel more relieved if you wash your hair before going to the hospital since contact with water will be forbidden for the first two days after the operation.

Post-Operative Period

For the first week after surgery, you will need to use ear band. A week later you can go back to your daily life without putting any band on. Ears may be sensitive to touch or mildly numb for the first month. Since stitches are  self-dissolvable, you do not need to get them removed.

After the surgery, there will be an apparent beauty and change on your face. You can tie your hair up and feel self-confident.