Secondary Rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty operation, in cases where no satisfactory result is gained either aesthetically or related to inhalation, secondary (correction) rhinoplasty operations are considered. A person who has not gone over the first operation with a fine tooth comb must make a more detailed research before the secondary operation and must seek for an experienced surgeon about especially secondary rhinoplasty. Main titles will hereby be mentioned regarding this topic. For detailed info, see

What is the difference between secondary rhinoplasty and primary rhinoplasty?

No matter how bad the appearance of a nose is, an unoperated nose can be more easily shaped surgically since its anatomic features have not been subject to any intervention and inner structure can be more easily predicted before the operation. Cartilage bone in the mid-wall of the nose that we have used to shape the nose in a previous operation is already used, which means anatomic features of the nose have changed. Even if the first operation is a deviation operation related to just inner part of the nose, subsequent plastic surgery of nose will be more difficult.

Will secondary rhinoplasty be more difficult for me?

Secondary rhinoplasty is not more difficult than the primary rhinoplasty for you. It is difficult for the surgeon that will perform the operation, not you. However, in case there is not sufficient cartilage tissue inside the nose, there will appear a second scar area if cartilage of the ear or ribcage.

I couldn’t get a favourable result from my primary operation. Will my nose be better in the subsequent operations?

If the problem can be analysed correctly after the primary operation and a plan for correction operation is organized well, you can obtain the expected result. Sometimes patients who need second, third, and even fourth operation apply. In these cases, what is done to those noses is just the same as the procedure in the second operation.

Tissue loss occurred during the first operation, so now how can it be repaired?

Tissue loss occurring after the first nose job operation is repaired with cartilage obtained from your own ear or ribcage. After this procedure, there will be no deformity on the ear. In order to obtain cartilage from ribcage, the scar is hidden in the curve under your breast, which yields the best aesthetical result.

Recovery process after secondary rhinoplasty

Recovery period in secondary operations may take longer than your first operation. As the tissues are more attached due to the first operation, surgical operation will become more difficult. Also, feeding and compatibility of cartilage of ear or rib case in their new location may cause the fact that swelling in the nose go off within a bit longer period.

If you haven’t had the expected result from your primary nose job operation, do not get desperate! We can solve your problem with an operation that we will perform by the help of a preliminary detailed and Professional analysis and through correct methods

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