A new method in allergic rhinitis treatment

The most technologic approach used in allergic rhinitis treatment, which is a non-microbic inflammation of nose mucosa is Rhinolight, consisting of a high-intense light with a special content, which mean phototherapy.

The phototherapy applied in several-minute-sessions is a painless application and positive effects will be observed after one or two treatment sessions.

Every kind of complaint such as itching, defluxion, congestion, sneezing developing due to the allergy inside the nose can be eliminated or diminished successfully with phototherapy in patients with both perennial and seasonal allergy-triggered catarrh.

Inner-nose phototheraphy can be applied to people with allergy-triggered catarrh and also it is specifically preferred in some patient groups.

These are;

• Patients whose complaints of allergy-triggered catarrh cannot be controlled with nasal sprays and oral allergy medication,

• Patients to whom standardized treatments cannot be applied because of various reasons such as side effects or interaction with other medication used for other diseases,

• Patients who do not wish to take medication for a long term. In Rinolight treatment consisting of 6 or 8 sessions within two weeks, a light comprising of a combination of beams at specific wavelengths is used and no feeling of heating or pain occur during the application through nostrils (Figure 1). As no permanent damage is remained in the tissue, it can be used with people with allergy without any problem for longer periods of time.

How many treatment sessions are needed?

This depends on the severity of symptoms. Generally 2-3 sessions a week are sufficient for two weeks. If a person is allergic to many things, more sessions will be needed and this must be consulted to a specialist. If the allergic situation is perennial (eg. House dust mite allergy), 8 sessions in 6 weeks are recommended.

Can Rhinolight treatment end with complete recovery?

Level of symptoms of people taking the treatment for numerous years has diminished and some have totally been recovered. A clinical study on if Rhinolight rescues the patients from symptoms permanently has been initiated.

Is the treatment painful?

Worldwide approved Rhinolight is a specific medical phototherapic with high severity. In dermatology, it has been long known that light is effective for immune system. Rhinolight treatment dimishes the level of response to immune system inside nose due to the existence of allergic factors. The application is completely painless.

How much time does it take to be effective?

The effect depends on the patient; however, there are patients whose symptoms are recovered after the first treatment. In rare cases, there are patients whose symptoms have got severe after the first sessions, which is temporary and it quickly disappears. Almost each patient reports there is a recovery within two weeks.

Can I get Rhinolight treatment during pregnancy?

Yes, it is recommended because a great majority of medication is not recommended for mother breastfeeding or it can be used to a limited extent during pregnancy.