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Diamond Rhinoplasty
Nose Job Zahide ile Yetiş Hayata
How is sleep apnea diagnosed?
What is snoring, how does it develop?


2023 (2-5 February) – Preservation Rhinoplasty- Nice France

2023 (19-24 February) Facial Plastic Surgery and the pan asian Academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery annuak conefrence

2023 (09-13 March) – Dallas Rhinoplasty & Cosmetic Meeting

2023 (31 March – 2 April)- Bergamo Istanbul Live Surgery- Istanbul

2023 (02-04 May) – Cadavare Course- Greece

2023 (05-07 May) – All In One – Istanbul

2023 (31 May – 03 June) – SOFCEP – France

2023 (29 June – 02 July) – Global Masters 2023 Conference- Berlin

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