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What We Do In Our Clinic



Diamond Rhinoplasty
Nose Job Zahide ile Yetiş Hayata
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What is snoring, how does it develop?


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2021 (10-13 June) – Structure Preservation Rhinoplasty

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Comments From Our Patients

I had a bad rhinoplasty surgery experience 2 years ago. Dr. Goksel fixed my collapsed nose with his experienced and skillful hands. My nose is very healthy and fits to my face perfectly. I thank him so much.

Özge Kıray Yiğit

I met Dr. Goksel because of my complaint about migraine and respiratory tract infection. I can comfortably breathe now and I don’t have any migraine problem any more. I really thank him.

Tuğçe M.

2 years ago Mr. Abdulkadir Goksel performed sinusitis, deviation and cosmetic surgery all together on my nose. I was having a lot of difficulties due to my chronic sinusitis problem. I have no complaints right now. Thank you so much.

Seyma Sagiroglu