Pillar Implant Application in Treatment of Snoring

Especially in treatment of simple snoring, if the patient’s soft palate structure is suitable, snoring can be eliminated with Pillar Implant procedure.

What is Pillar Implant?

It consists of three small woven inserts, and is in 18mm in length and 2mm in diameter. These inserts manufactured in sterile environment with advanced technology are implanted in the muscular tissue of the soft palate.

How does it affect?

After placing the inserts into the soft palate, it enables formation of a hard scar inside the loose and dangling tissues of the soft palate by creating an unidentified material reaction. Therefore, soft palate that loosens and vibrates and makes noise during sleep cannot go on doing those, so snoring noise disappears.

How is it applied?

Pillar Implant is performed within such a short time as nearly 10 minutes under local anaesthesia. After the procedure, you can immediately go home or to work. There will be no pain.

When will my snoring disappear?

Since there will be a very slight swelling in tissues immediately after the procedure, snoring will not disappear within the first week, even it may increase. Snoring will reduce within the first month and snoring will disappear within three months thanks to recovery tissue inside the palate.

Why Pillar Implant?

Pillar Implant  procedure is more advantageous rather than other techniques in convenient patients. It is the most painless method used in treatment of snoring and it is easy and short to perform. It is not risky as it does not harm the tissue irreversibly. It does not cause any workforce loss because it does not prevent the person from daily activities during recovery.

Can it be used for Sleep Apnea?

Pillar Implant does not help patients with severe sleep apnea. We may observe recovery in patients with really mild apnea accompanied with simple snoring.