Rhinoplasty is not performed just in order to get the nose to appear better. Functional Rhinoplasty help people get over the problems they experience permanently in case they have nasal obstruction or dyspnoea. Dyspnoea is one of the factors influencing daily life highly adversely. However, Functional Rhinoplasty operations can be performed in cases which can be eliminated through nose job and surgical operation is compulsory at. Therefore, individuals can get rid of such problems as poor quality sleep and difficulty in talking.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery which offers a radical solution for those who experience chronic sinus disease is a kind of operation performed in order to help sinus cavities be opened. During this operation, also known as FESS, diseased tissue is cleaned via endoscopic devices, and congestion in sinus canals is relieved. We can perform safer operations thanks to sinuplasty instruments that we use in those surgical operations at which experience and skills of a physician are highly important. In post-operation period, the patient can take some precautions and prevent cleaned polyps from re-forming.

Turbinate Reduction through Radiofrequency (Inferior Turbinate RF)

Inferior turbinates are one of the most important organs located inside nose. Inferior turbinates which moisten and filter inhaled air, and protect nose health through their secretion can appear at large sizes in some people, which may result in various problems. Turbinates are exposed to radiofrequency applications in cases where their size cannot be controlled via sprays or medicine. Turbinates may be minimized thanks to this method   and severe surgical operations are not required. The expected result may appear in maximum two weeks. However, the patient is not kept in the clinic during this period and can go back to his/her daily life.


Concha Bullosa Surgery

The fact that middle conchas which are located in the middle inside the nose are bigger than normal results in various problems. Headache, sinus attacks and nasal congestions are the  primary diseases that influence individuals adversely. Concha bullosa surgery is the best solution in this case. Only one of the ventilated bone structures is removed through endoscopic technique and airway is opened. After this intervention, a patient who relieves from all his/her complaints can go back to their routine life immediately after the operation.

Submucous Resection of Inferior Turbinate

The fact that inferior turbinates are bigger than the ideal size may stem from bone structure of some individuals. In case inferior concha, turbinate, is big due to the skeleton structure, radiofrequency technique cannot be applied. Even though this technique is an easier-to-apply method, unfortunately it cannot help the aforementioned tissue get smaller. For that reason, mucous membrane covering the inferior turbinates is protected and thickness of bone is exposed to intervention. When bone is thinned, the problem can be totally eliminated and the patient can relieve from all her/his problems with one intervention.

Balloon Sinuplasty

In the treatment of sinusitis which becomes chronic through surgical method, an operation technique called FESS is applied. Balloon sinuplasty applied collaterally during this method also keeps safety of the intervention under control. If no polyp is formed inside the nose and the problem results from only narrowness of sinus canals, balloon sinuplasty can be solitarily used. In other cases, it is used as supplementary method in nose jobs..

Nasal Valve Surgery

Nasal valve is the area where air flows into the cavities inside nose. The fact that this area is narrow may make respiration difficult just like other unwanted conditions and may result in serious problems on patients. Thus, the physician must make an in-depth research on the cause of difficult respiration of the patient before the operation. In case the patient has this respiration problem due to nasal valve narrowness, nasal valve surgery can be the best solution. This method can be applied as auxiliary or supplementary in other nose jobs as well as it can be solitarily applied.

For example, if the patient inhales due to a deviation, nasal bone and cartilage curvature, and only the curvature can be eliminated with surgical operation, this operation cannot be considered as successful. Yet, the patient’s problem and disturbance will continue. Therefore, the status of nasal valve needs to be examined meticulously in the pre-operation examination.

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