Snoring Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a really common situation which is encountered in 40-50% of the society, which can be described a social disturbance. This can result in serious problems which threaten peoples lives in time: not resting while sleeping, chronic exhaustion, depression, pauses in breathing during sleep (apnea). It is certainly necessary to treat the people snoring accompanied by apnea. In people with long-term pauses (longer than 10 seconds) in breathing , risk of heart disease increases, megalocardia exists, and findings such as loss of concentration, chronic exhaustion, falling asleep during daytime, perspiration while sleeping may occur.

Is snoring a disorder?

Snoring is a social disorder since it disturbs people sleeping next to us. It is also medically a disease as it can cause serious health problems and even unexpected death while sleeping in patients with sleep apnea.

What are the findings of Sleep Apnea?

A person with sleep apnea and who lacks of oxygen while sleeping due to sleep apnea cannot pass into deep sleep stage (REM) where we basically rest so wakes up tired. Most of our patients describe this situation saying I wake up in the morning feeling like I have been run over by a truck. Excessive perspiration occur as insufficient oxygen is taken in during sleep. Since the tissues fail to feed with insufficient oxygen, burden on heart increases and it works more, which causes megalocardia instead of resting during sleep. Findings such as loss of concentration, carelessness, tendency to have accident, falling asleep following a dinner, disturbance in sexual functions and sexual anorexia occur during daytime. A person who cannot rest while sleeping feels unhappy and exhausted, so this situation may be confused with depression.

Who mostly has this disorder?

Snoring is mostly encountered in overweight middle-aged men. The main reason is that nose, chin, soft palate and tongue clog respiratory tract for genetic reasons or depending on weight results in noise of snoring. Especially in people having short necks, it is frequently accompanied with sleep apnea. Even if it is common among men, snoring is also considerably common among women, too. Gaining weight is one of the most important factors.

What increases them?

Having excessive weight compared to length of a person is the primary factor which increases snoring and sleep apnea. In addition, alcohol intake impacts this situation adversely because it makes muscles relaxed. Patients smoking also snore much depending on the congestion in their respiratory tracts. It is an auxiliary important step in treatment of snoring when the patient adopts a more dynamic and sportive lifestyle.

How is Sleep Apnea diagnosed?

It may be the first warning when the person you are sleeping next to may complain that your breath pauses while snoring and you snore noisily when you start snoring again. However, when you apply to us with apnea findings, we take you to a sleeping test called Polysomnography in order to detect pauses in breathing during sleep and what it stems from. Thanks to this test, we gain objective data about the region causing your breath to pause and severity of this situation. We benefit from these data while planning the treatment.

How is it treated?

We call snoring not accompanied with pauses in breathing as simple snoring. To perform a detailed examination of upper respiratory tract on patients with simple snoring and to determine if snoring depends on the position or not help us make decision about the treatment alternatives. In addition, weight, lifestyle, cigarette and alcohol addiction of the person snoring is of great importance for a successful treatment. Functional rhinoplasty may eliminate snoring in patients snoring due to a nasal congestion (See Functional Rhinoplasty). However, more different surgical methods may be needed in snoring caused by soft palate and tongue base and even sometimes structure of larynx. Pillar Implant (See Pillar Implant Procedure) or Snorelift (See Snorelift) can solve the problem of people with simple snoring due to soft palate. Sleep Apnea Masks, called CPAP, are recommended for the patients with severe sleep apnea. The problem of patients who cannot use this mask is eliminated with more advanced surgical techniques. (See Surgical treatment of snoring) We also make diet suggestions in order to help overweight patients to lose weight rapidly, healthily and permanently.