What is the expectation from Thermage procedure?

Your skin will seem smoother and younger thanks to increase of collagen support after Thermage procedure.

Depending on the location it is applied to;

  • You can get rid of expression of exhaustion around your eyes as droops around your eye and on your eyelids will be corrected.
  • You can have a smoother appearance since wrinkles and droops will be corrected after other applications on your body.
  • You can also a visible improvement in cellulit applications.

How does it feel when you undergo Thermage procedure?

During Thermage procedure, the patient feel short and deep heat while CRF energy reaches at subcutenous collagens every time ThermaTip device touches skin. This feeling of deep heat indicates that collagen has reached at a temperature it needs to tighten. In order to protect the skin and perform the procedure more comfortably, skin surfarce is cooled before, after and during each CRF energy application. The clinician performing this procedure will ask you if you feel the heat or not in order to yield maximum results and for a more comfortable application. The physician may recommend a mild pain medication before the treatment in order to minimize the sensitivity.

Who performs Thermage procedure?

Physician and staff in our clinic are trained and experienced about Thermage procedure.

Can I get Thermage done instead of face lift operations?

Though Thermage lifts your skin, it will not prove a result as apparent as in face lift surgeries. Thermage is a safe method with no important serious side effects and which enable the skin tightened and have a younger look. It is the first choice especially in face rejuvenation for people who are scared to have operation or are not appropriate for operations due to health problems ıf you wish a nonoperative stretch on your face, Thermage is the best method for you.

Does Thermage hinder other cosmetic applications?

Thermage procedure does not hinder any further surgical applications.

Is there any special procedure to do before and after Thermage?

It does not need any preliminary preparation such as giving blood or keeping yourself hungry as in operations. The person can go back to her normal activities after the application. There might occur a slight rash and swelling after the application. The only apparent sign of the treatment is softer, younger and healthier skin.

Is Thermage safe?

Though each application has its own risks, records of safety of Thermage application worldwide are extremely perfect. The number of side effects reported among nearly  190.000 (estimated number) treated patients all around the world is less than 0.4 percent. Side effects are just swelling, rash and blistering. These side effects disappear within maximum a week.

What is the cost of Thermage application?

The cost of Thermage application vary according to the location it will be applied on.