Mid-Face Rejuvenation Operations

Where is mid-face?

Mid-face is the region including forehead, around eye, eyebrow, eye bags, nose and cheek, cheek and mouth edges.

What are the effects of aging in mid-face?

Since subcutaneous connective and supporting tissues lose their previous vitality and strength during aging period, they cannot stand the influence of gravity and droops begin to occur. During this, especially thin skinned soft tissue around eye is influenced, which results in droop of upper and lower eyelids and deepening of nasolabial folds due to droops of cheeks. Therefore, the first signals of aging appear in the mirror due to this droop occurring in middle-aged group without no deterioration in skin quality and skin wrinkles.

When and Why mid-face operation?

There is no recommended age for mid-face rejuvenation operation; in addition, it will be more effective to perform it before any droops and wrinkles start to appear in the skin. A person who has undergone a mid-face rejuvenation operation, performed on patients between 35 and 45 on average, will look 7-8-year younger. Tension of skin and a fake expression which occur in classic facelift operations will not appear in this operation.

Will there be any scar left following the operation?

There will be no scar left since the operation is performed by penetrating into the hairy part through 1-cm-incisions with endoscopic technique instead of big incisions formed in classic facelift operations and these incisions are hidden in the eyelashes part of the lower eyelid. Thanks to tiny cameras called endoscope, we can check larger areas by penetrating into subcutaneous tissue through small incisions. Therefore, both recovery process gets shorter and tissues are less-damaged.

Recovery Process

You may need to stay at hospital for one night following the operation. You may go home after the first control next day. You will have swellings on your face for the first week. These swellings will have gone off nearly ten days later and you can go back to your daily life. Swelling may last for three weeks in some cases. A complete recovery process is 3-6months on average.

Is it possible to retouch Chin and Neck Region with this technique?

Endoscopic mid-face surgery does not affect jawline and neck region . ıf there are any droops in this region, it may be necessary to combine it with classic face-lift techniques.

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