Facial beauty is a concept regarding the harmony of all our organs on our face with each other. He fact that only your eyes or nose are beautiful does not mean your face is beautiful. Especially our nose and chin are the most protuberant organs of our face and they balance each other apparently. If our chin position is backward, it makes our nose to look more protuberant and bigger. If our chin position is forward, it spoils our expression and sometimes brings about orthodontic problems. Chin is a very important detail not to forget when we aim facial beauty. The positions of chin and nose must often be assessed during  nose job operations and options should be discussed in details before the operation.

My chin is behind my nose, how can we make them symmetrical?

Mentum filling applications

It is possible for our patients who do not wish to have an operation to put the chin forward by applying fillers on the chin standing backward nasal root, collumella and jaw line, an imaginary line. We can make you chin backwards look forward thanks to average 18-month-permanent fillers which are more voluminous and permanent than the ones we apply on other parts of the face. However, keep in mind that even if the result obtained from surgical methods are permanent, we can still solve the problem temporarily with filling application. Still, it is an easy and suitable solution for our patients who do not wish to have an operation or are not allowed to have an operation due to medical reasons.

Changing the mentum forward through operation

We have two different techniques which are frequently applied to change the mentum position forward. Simply we can place a implant under the soft tissue by penetrating into an approximately 1.5cm-space through the inner part of the lower lip without touching bone structure of the chin. Or we can gain the same effect by sliding the mentum part of chin bone forwards by penetrating with the same method through in-mouth. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, so we decide considering the most appropriate technique for the patient. Operations of placing mentum implant take nearly 20 minutes while the surgeries of extending the chin by sliding the chin bone mentum forwards take 45 minutes on average.

My chin is protuberant and its position is forward, how can we correct it?

In case just mentum is protuberant and it does not cause any occlusion of teeth, mentum can be rasped with in-mouth intervention. However, in case lower chin is totally forward and there is also an occlusion problem, operations are performed to put the lower chin bone forward. In these cases, an orthodontic treatment may be necessary.

Generally, recovery periods of mentoplasty operations are short and they are pain-free. In the post-operative period, as there will be stitches which dissolve on its own inside the mouth, it is recommended not to take liquid for nearly a week and pay attention to mouth hygiene. Swelling that might occur in the post-operative period will disappear to a great extent within a week.

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