Body Lift Surgeries

What kind of a procedure is this?

It is the procedure to remove subcutaneous fat tissue off by the help of cannulas, metal tubules attached to a negative-pressure aspirator. Cannulas are inserted subcutaneously by the help of tiny incisions that will be made around the region from which fat will be drawn, which is called liposuction.

When is it performed?

People who are most appropriate to get liposuction (lipoplasty) done are the ones with regional deposits of excess fat. It can also be performed on overweigh (obese) people to motivate them. As well as a person can understand this is not a weight-loss operation but a shaping operation, s/he will be more satisfied with the results.

If a person’s skin is suitable for liposuction, which means there is not daggle or excess loss of flexibility, the result becomes really satisfying. However, if there is daggle in the skin, liposuction may need to be combined with lifting operation according to the region to be operated.

To which regions can it be performed?

Liposuction can be applied on cheeks, double chin, specific parts of arms, breasts, abdomen, back, hips, upper and lower legs.

What are characteristics of the operation?

Duration of the operation, type of anaesthesia, quantity of fat to be sucked, when the person can go back to her/his work vary according to the application region and amount of fat deposit. If there is only one region, then it can be performed with local anaesthesia. Liposuction can be performed solitarily and also as supplementary procedure to abdominoplasty, thigh lifting, face lifting, breast reduction, gynaecomastia. In the post-operative period, it is very helpful to put on a stretch corset for 3-4 weeks.

Which techniques can be used?

There are two major techniques: Tumescent Technique and Ultrasonic technique. There is no consensus among plastic surgeon about which technique is superior to another in lipoplasty operations. In ultrasonic liposuction technique, loss of blood is less and fat can be aspired from tough regions. However, there is a higher possibility of occurrence of unfavourable results such as burn on skin or oedema in ultrasonic liposuction compared to tumescent liposuction. Since there are tiny differences between the techniques, the method that the surgeon is most experienced at will cause fewer post-operative unfavourable effects.