Forehead Lifting  Eyebrow Lifting

In which cases can these be done?

Forehead lifting and eyebrow lifting operations are performed endoscopically in our clinic. These operations are performed for the treatment of wrinkles on forehead, frown eyebrow, droopy eyebrow and eyelid.

Why endoscopic surgery?

Large incisions are formed inside hairy skin in classic operation techniques and risks of hair loss and scar increase as a result of this. In endoscopic operation technique, approximately 4-mm-diameter cameras are used and penetrated through 1cm-incisions on average, which allows to perform forehead lifting, correcting frown eyebrow and eyebrow lifting. Post-operative recovery period lasts shorter because smaller incisions are formed.

Recovery process

Following endoscopic forehead lifting and eyebrow lifting operations, it is generally enough to stay at hospital on the first night. Drains, if any, are removed the following day. Tapes on the forehead are removed on the 5th day. Since small incisions are formed in endoscopic technique, no severe pain occurs following the operation. There will be swelling on the forehead and around eye for the first week. Especially for the first week following the operation, eyebrows might seem a bit more lifted , but during the recovery period, this will go back to normal position as expected.

Additional Info: The endoscopic technique used to treat migraine surgically is same as the one we use in forehead lifting and eyebrow lifting operations. However, trigeminal nerve branches in the relevant region are also exposed to intervention in migraine treatment.

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