Lipofilling is a procedure at which adipose tissue obtained from a different part of the body is exposed to some special procedures and then injected in order to correct unbalanced body contours and especially to eliminate asymmetries, pitted parts on face, to augment lips and to make cheeks more definite.

Where is the fat injected obtained from?

We often obtain the fat from abdominal region which is the most fatty part of the body. We apply liposuction method to obtain fat from this region. The fat obtained is exposed to a special procedure and then injected through thin cannula.

Is the result of fat injection permanent?

Approximately 40% of the fat volume injected disappears between the first 6 months and one year even when maximum effort is paid so that fat cells are not damaged. If the rest 50-60% is not satisfactory in terms of result, fat injection can be repeated.

What is different from filling?

As the material we use during Lipofilling is of a person’s own original tissue, there is no risk of allergic reaction occurrence and tissue incompatibility. Even if tissue compatibility of fillers is well enough, it may still cause allergy. The effect does not completely go back after fat injection, an amount of the injected fat will certainly remain.

Recovery process

A mild pain might appear for the first two days at abdominal region from which the fat is obtained for injection. There might be a mild swelling around the site where injection is harvested into for the first few days. Swelling in injection harvested into especially lips might appear more than other parts. A natural appearance will come back within a week. Injected fat loses its volume nearly between 6 and 12 months and 50-60% of its volume will become permanent.

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