Facelift Operations

In which situations is a classic facelift operation needed?

Although endoscopic facial rejuvenation operations are effective in forehead, around eye and on cheek region, it does not prove expected effect on droops from lip edges, droop and loosening of chin line and in neck region. If you have droops of subcutaneous supporting tissue and lower face part, classic facelift operation should be added for lower face and neck region to especially mid-face surgery.

Will there be any scar left after this facelift operation?

Scars resulting from facelift operations performed in classic technique are hidden behind ears. If especially the neck will be subject to any application, incision behind the ear may extend in parallel with the hair line. There might be a slight scar in this region, which will be visible in case you look very carefully. However, these scars are not visible from a distance of a daily communication in social life.

How is it performed?

The main purpose of facelift and neck lift operations is to give a more youthful appearance  by tightening the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles, if needed and not to lose this effect for a long time. In techniques at which only the skin is tightened, subcutaneous supporting tissue will not prove any supporting effect, which means the effect of the operation will last shorter. For that reason, in facelift and neck lift operations from which the best and long-term result is gained, subcutaneous supporting tissue and muscular tissue should be moved together. Thus, there will be no scar left in lacerated regions since there will be no stretch on the wound in the skin. Tissue transplantation may also be added through fat injections during the operation in order to help gain volume which is lack due to the loss of volume of the tissues in aging period.

Recovery process

You may need to stay in hospital for two days following the operation. Drains that we may place (if needed) in the operated region will be removed on the 2nd or 3rd day. All bandage and tapes will be removed on the 10th day following the operation. It will take you 20 days to go back to your daily routine. The aim is to help give a natural and 8-10-year younger look in your face and neck. You need to wait for 3-6 months following the operation to achieve this aim.

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