Who undergoes it?

Almost all women may need to be interested in body lift and especially plastic surgery of breast in certain periods of their lives. Sometime the problem is not the size of breast like small or big, but being droopy. The breast is sufficient in terms of volume in this sense but it has lost its elasticity. There reasons of this are generally changes in breasts during pregnancy, and lactation period and frequent weight loss and gain and  excess weight loss.

How is it performed?

Nipple is lifted as indicated in the left photo below in plastic surgery of breast (breast lifting) and excessive skin is removed and breast is stretched. If there is insufficiency in breast tissue, the breast can be augmented in the same session with implant. Duration of breast lifting operation is 1-3 hours on average. It is performed under general anaesthesia. One-day hospital stay is enough. It is not an extremely painful operation. The pain can be easily controlled thanks to painkillers after the operation. A tight sports bra that the patient puts on during medical dressing should be used day and night for 3- 4 weeks, which is of importance in terms of the comfort and easy movement of the patient. The patient can go back to her work 3-5 days later on average after the breast lifting operation.

Will there be any scar after breast lifting procedure? Is it possible to lift the breasts without any scars?

It is impossible to lift breast without any scars.

After breast lifting operation, there is a 5-6-cm line downwards starting from the nipple and reverse T scar which is around 10 cm on average under the breast, as indicated in the right Picture above. It is difficult to predict the length of the scar precisely before the operation. In the post-operative period, scars which are first pink-coloured, go White and relieve within 1-2 years.

Is only breast-lifting procedure sufficient?

Only breast-lifting procedure may not be sufficient for the patients whose breast volume gets less and smaller. In this case, it is recommended to place silicone implant in the breast in the same session, which will enable it to seem volumous and full.

Will the result be permanent for a lifetime?

No result of a plastic surgery is permanent for a lifetime. Skin loses its elasticity as tissues age, fort hat reason, droop in these breasts may reoccur as well as aging.

When can I have the operation earliest after birth?

Pregnancy cause serious changes in the function of female body. We especially encounter droopy breasts after growth and lactation period. Today, gynaecologists highlight that women should help this process with convenient exercise and diet rather than surgery in this period when the body will put itself together within a year on average. Paediatricians emphasize the importance of breastfeeding for longer periods – one or one and half year, if possible. After the breastfeeding ends, breast lifting operation may be planned. You can have the operation minimum six months after drying up at the earliest.

Can droopy breasts due to breastfeeding be lifted with silicone breast implants?

In rare cases, especially in cases where droop is little, good results may be yielded. If there is droop in the skin, what needs to be done is “breast lifting”.

What are the difficulties of post-operative period?

You may feel some pain when you move your arms for 3-4 days after the operation. This can be controlled with painkillers. There might be mild bruising on breasts. During this time period, you should avoid doing the jobs forcing your arms or requiring power. If your work does not necessitate such forcing movements, you can go back to your work within a week. If otherwise, consult your physician before the operation.

If I become pregnant and breastfeed my baby after breast lifting operation, will there be droop as much as before?

Yes, it is likely. Generally every kind of weight gain and pregnancy cause augmentation and droop in breasts. However, this droop may not be as much as it has been before the operation.