A majority of our operations that we perform to rejuvenate eye contour consists of interventions for upper eyelid and eye bags. Droopy upper eyelids give our looks an expression of exhaustion and even droops at an advanced level make our eyelids get easily heavy and may cause field of vision to be narrower by blocking our pupils. Likewise, these are other factors that make us look older: excessive eye bag formation on lower eyelid or volume loss of cheek tissue resulting in drooping.

When is it performed?

Droopy eyelids or herniated eye bag formation are not problems which are seen among older people but also nearly half of our patients are in range of 30 and 40 years. However, these problems  appear more prominently especially following 40-50 years.

How is it performed?

Especially upper eyelid operations can be performed under local anaesthesia easily and we can see the impact extremely rapidly, which puts a smile on our face. Before the operation surgical plan in the sitting position is organized and excess tissue of the eyelid is defined. It does not need staying in hospital, so you can go home one or two hours after the operation. It is recommended in terms of both results and minimizing the risks of the operation that not only this herniated fat tissue should be removed but also it should ideally be combined with mid-face rejuvenation operations in solving the problem in lower eyelid. The fatty tissue which seems excessive in the under eye and the regions whose volume is lost on cheeks can be filled, which enables a more explicit recovery.

Recovery Process

When upper eyelid is operated solitarily, you can go home same day. There will be no important bruising and swelling and also you can go back to your daily life within 5-6 days on average. Stitches under eyelashes that are put in operations of eye bags on lower eyelid are removed on the 6th day and swelling disappear within nearly 10 days. When it is performed with mid-face rejuvenation operation, this process may extend to 15 days.

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