The fact that breasts are asymmetrical to each other is a common situation in community. The reason is mostly not known. Even though it does not harm the body health, asymmetrical breasts may disturb women psychologically. In this case, after questioning other reasons embedded in asymmetrical breasts and concluding there is a natural asymmetry between breasts, plastic surgeries are performed to balance the breasts. It is decided based on the physician’s viewpoint and what the patient wishes and expects about what operations will be performed.

In the table below, information about which operations are performed for what type of asymmetry is indicated but this is not considered as physician’s view. All of the operations indicated in the table are available in our website. Just click on the operations in order to get more info about each operation.

Breast Asymmetry Operation

  • One of the breasts is big, the other is small – Reduction Mammoplasty or Breast Lifting for the Bigger one, or Breast Augmentation for the smaller one (Silicone Breast Implant Application)
  • Both breasts are small but asymmetrical – Breast Augmentation (Silicone Breast Implant Application in Different Sizes to Balance the Breasts)
  • Both breasts are big but asymmetrical – Making them symmetrical during Breast Lifting or Reduction operation