What is it performed?

Especially after giving birth or excessive weight loss, there might occur dangle around abdominal region with or without fat deposition. In addition, muscular softening may occur. What needs to be done in such cases is to perform abdominoplasty operations.

How is it performed?

Dangling skin and subcutaneous fat tissue is removed during this operation and abdominal muscles are tightened and abdominal skin is stretched. A new belly button may be reformed or not according to the level of dangle (mini abdominoplasty).

If there is also fat deposition as well as dangle, then operation is performed with liposuction. It may also be operated with operations to contour body lines (such as plastic surgery of breast, liposuction) or other certain operations ( such as hysterectomy, ovary operation, umbilical hernia operations). Abdominoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia.

Duration of the operation varies from 2 to 4 hours.

An approximately 25-30 cm-long  incision is made over the hairy part throughout both sides in the operation. dangling skin, subcutaneous fat tissue is removed. Abdominal muscles are empowered. Upper abdominal skin, subcutaneous tissue is stretched to the incision  and navel is placed on newly-formed belly button. The surgical incision is stitched transcutaneously with self-dissolvable stitches. However the scar left will be permanent.

How is post-operative period?

Duration of hospital stay is one or two nights. It will be very helpful to put on a supportive underbust for the first three weeks after the operation. you can go back to work within a week or ten days on average depending on your work. You should avoid lifting very heavy things or doing severe abdominal exercises for the first two months.

Operational scar will seem like it is deteriorating within the first few months but will fade away within a year but it will never go off completely.