Botox and filling applications are nonsurgical methods we use to eliminate deep curves caused by facial wrinkles and aging. They can be solitarily used but applying them together proves much effective.

What is Botox?

It is not venom as known in public. It is a toxin made of botulinum bacteria. Bacteria are frequently used in production of medication in world of medicine. Penicillin, the most well-known antibiotics, is a medicine produced from bacteria.

How does it affect?

It prevents and loosens contraction of muscles in the location it is applied. Thanks to this effect, subcutaneous muscles causing wrinkles loosen, which yields a smoother look.

How long will the effect of Botox persist?

The effect starts to appear 48 hours after the injection  and totally appears at the end of one week. Although it varies from person to person, the effect persists for 4 months on average. Effect of botox is not permanent. The application needs to be repeated in 4-5-month-ranges. If regular applications are made, then intervals of injection will be longer.

Is there any side effect of Botox?

There is no known side effect of Botox. Since it is a medication which has been used for 40 years in medicine, it is used in confidence.

Which fillers do you use?

We prefer temporary fillers since there is no risk of allergy and they are more confident. We mostly use Hyaluronik acide- and Calcium Hydroxyapatite-content fillers.

How long is the effect of temporary fillers?

It varies according to the location and people it is applied on and their effect generally persists for a year. In case of regular application, the effect can be permanent in time.

At which regions can filling be used?

We often use fillers to eliminate the curves or deep wrinkles that cause shading on face. The most-frequent application areas are curve between nose and lip, edges of lips and curve in chin. Deep curves between eyebrows and also forehead are other regions fillers are successfully applied.

What are the pros of temporary fillers?

There is no need for operating room to perform this application. It is highly easy and short. If you are not satisfied with the effect, then it does not create any risk because it is temporary. Its side effects are considerably few.

Are Botox and filling applications painful?

Both applications can be applied in an Office and do not result in much pain. Since during filling application, you may feel a bit more pain compared to botox, it is applied on patients with low pain threshold with anaesthetic creams or injections.